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Welcome to Rangeley on the Fly
We Specialize in Fly Fishing Adventures in the Rangeley Lakes Region of Maine

About Rangeley on the Fly

Come and explore the Rangeley Lakes region. Whether it’s stalking wild brook trout  and landlocked salmon on our fabled waters, hiking into a back country pond or casting to rising fish on the lakes,  we can help you get out there. We are a guide service that specializes in custom trips for our guests.  All ability levels are welcomed. We’re all about the experience.  A good one for a beginner will most likely have them coming back to the sport for years to come.  

Where and when we Fish

The possibilities here really are endless. We fish the Magalloway, Rapid, Kennebago, and Rangeley Rivers, along with a few of the smaller streams in the area.  If it's stillwater fishing you're after, there are numerous ponds that are accessible by car, along with multiple back country ponds that require some hiking.  The fish are hungry, and receive much less fishing pressure.  Needless to say it's worth the extra effort, and a back country trip makes for a really great day.  When the Drakes are hatching, the big lakes can present a rare opportunity to cast to large, rising fish when the conditions are just right.  We also fish both Upper and Middle Dam, both hold quality Salmon and Brook Trout and are steeped in Fly Fishing history.  

Our Season starts in April and runs through October.  Prime time is late May and June, and Septermber, but fishing is consistent during the other months as well.



Along with catching some of these beautiful fish, our hope is that after a day with us on the water, you will have learned something new.  It may be a new casting technique, which flies to use when, and how to fish them, or just some good local knowledge about the area. If it's your first trip to Rangeley, and you plan to fish for a few days, start your trip with us.  We can show you enough of our territory in one day to keep you busy, and get you over fish while you're here. If you are a beginner, our goal is to instill within you a love for the sport, and give you the tools that will allow you to feed that passion, and start fishing on your own either here in Rangeley, or wherever it is that you call home.

Guided Trips and Rates

We do both full and half day trips.  Just tell us how long you have to fish, and we will customize a trip that will fit into your schedule.  Limit 2 people 

Full Day trips are $450

Half Day trips are $375

For our full day trips we provide flies, lunch, water and snacks.  Fly Rods, Waders and boots are available for rental at the Rangeley Region Sport Shop.



My name is Steve Kidder and I learned to fly fish here in the Rangeley area when I was 10 years old. Although I grew up in Southern Maine, I spent as much time as I could here in Rangeley.  My grandfather, who was also a Registered Maine Guide, was a fantastic fly fisherman, outdoorsman, and story teller.  He learned from his father, also a guide for many of the luxury hotels that blanketed the shores of the local lakes in the early 1900's. His younger brother, my Great Uncle Spike Kidder was Superintendent of the Oquossoc Angling Association for over 40 years, and also a Registered Maine Guide.  OAA is the oldest Fly Fishing club in the country and still operates to this day.  This area is incredibly special to me, and I am lucky to be able to follow in their footsteps, and introduce people to this beautiful place.  Let me show you some of the spots that have been passed down to me through 4 generations, and some that I have found on my own through countless hours of exploration.   


Contact us

Please feel free to call with any questions that you may have.  We'd love to help plan a trip that is right for you.  If you'd like to send an email, just fill out the form below along with a message, and we will get back to you in short order 


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What's New at Rangeley on the Fly

May 11, 2023

Here we go!  Water levels are looking great as we head into another great season of Fly Fishing here in Rangeley.  As the waters warm things will start to get pretty active.  As we push closer to June we'll start to see some bug activity, my favorite time of the year.  Suckers are showing up in the familiar places but the water is still to cold for them to drop eggs and have the Trout and Salmon follow them in to feed.  This time of year it's all about timing, and hitting it just right.  I'll be out exploring in the days ahead to see how our areas are fishing, and also to check out the access routes to some of my favorite places, as we had a pretty significant weather event in the form of wind and flooding that caused some erosion and downed many trees.  Give us a call, email or text to book a trip.  Its gonna be a great season and I'd love to help get you out there.  


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